february 12th 2015
The opening shot of exposure transpositions Design offscreen

February 12, the day the exhibition was inaugurated transpositions: design offscreen.


At 12 am a press conference that gave the starting signal for a person born in the hands of some alumni of ESDi initiative was held. The event took place in Espai Cultura of Sabadell, where Ms. Mercedes Salgado (Director of the Institute EATM of ESDi) and Mr. Joan Carles Sunyer, Director of Fundación Caixa Sabadell 1859 Antigua appeared in public this sample of Final Year Projects 8 graduates ESDI design.


Transpositions: Design offscreen welcomes these 8 projects from different design disciplines: graphic design, fashion design, audiovisual design and design management (multidisciplinary design) and includes all under the concept of precariousness in the processes their designs. The second part of the conference consisted of a presentation by each of its projects.


At 19h Espai Cultura opened doors to the general public, an exhibition that will be open for free until April 5th day opened.
Alumni who have devised and carried out this project are Damian Armengol, Òscar Boix, Júlia Coma, Anna Garcia, Iria Caballero, Gemma Estadella, David Vera and Joana Capella, graduates in different disciplines of design (fashion, graphic, multidisciplinary integration and audiovisual).