December 12, 2012
The Official master’s Degree in New Media Art Curatorship offers an open seminar in Media Art history

A total of twenty people attended yesterday the first session of the seminar on Media Art History professor who teaches in Pau Alsina ESDi headquarters in Barcelona, and lasts three days. Alsina began the session with a set of questions that gradually resolved. It was to give students the keys to understanding the media art. "Sometimes we know the artists, but not the context that allows us to situate his work," stated Alsina. The professor spoke of the relationship between art and science, art and technology, among other items. And, also, of the new relationship established in the new media art and society. The main objective of the seminar is to provide attendees the art history of the past 70 years from a new perspective, focusing on the new media. It also aims to train students so that they can interact and make connections between this type of art history and contemporary art history, without neglecting the social and cultural history of our times. The completion of this seminar is born, according to the professor and Dr. Pau Alsina, due to the need to fill an important gap in the world of art history relating to new media art. It is a type of art linked to the media and new digital technologies increasingly present, and perhaps also essential in our day to day. The seminar is intended for transmitting knowledge about the art of new media in order to provide an overview and help contextualization within the general framework of the history of art. These connections established between history and theory of art and media, science and technology will be developed through practice sessions with the comment artistic works and related artists. Pau Alsina is responsible for delivering this seminar that lasts three days and is part of a Master of curating new media at the School of Design ESDi. Alsina is Artnodes magazine editor on Art, Science and Technology and co-founder of YASMIN, ACT network. He has published articles, essays and books on art, philosophy, and technoscience, as, "Art, Science, Technology" (Editorial UOC), and professor of curatorial master who teaches new media ESDi. The seminar takes place on 11 (18:30 to 21:30), 12 (18:30 to 21:30) and 13 (18:30 to 20:00) December afternoon in ESDi (ESDi headquarters in Barcelona), on Paseo de Gracia 114 pral. This activity is free and open to all, but you need to do a reservation. For more information please contact or 93.727.48.19.