May 4th 2015
The official master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi organizes a free seminar about music and innovation processes

The official Master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi organizes, with the collaboration of ZZZINC and INTERNATIONAL MUSIC OBERVATORY the free seminar "The music as a battlefield in the processes of innovation", on 11, 12 and 14 May in Barcelona.


The origins of the music industry on the rise and establishment of ICT, music is an ideal field to analyze the emergence of innovation processes in culture and its social implications.


This seminar aims to address, on the basis of the analysis of the music field as a field in which the relationship between technology, avant-garde and socialization traditionally has been developed through a dialectic of anticipatory other cultural processes.


The aim of the seminar is to examine the consequences of digitisation of culture from the transversality of the musical context: the P2P industry restructuring attempts to, in the Do It Yourself network productions, the great economic machinery to the musical context of the periphery of popular music in the new relationships in this area with contemporary art , research and science.


Places are limited and you can sign up on the link.