December 16th 2014
The Master in Digital Arts Commissariat listen to Chris Salter

Students of the Master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi attended the Chris Salter conference at the CCCB, in a seminar organized by the same master teacher, Dr. Pau Alsina.


The subject of Digital Aesthetics took them to meet Chris Salter, one of the most interesting artists and thinkers of the time, he showed his pieces and ideas about visual art, sound art, dance, theater, performances and interfaces, and as its work on the Hexagram Concordia Centre for Research and Creation in Media Art and Technology of Montreal, of which he is director.

Through a series of recent research and development, this conference explores how the latest technologies for sensors generate new ways of creating and feel experience. The talk focused on three recent works: Ilinnx, Displace and Atmosphere, working by removing common assumptions about how they work called immersive environments middle responsive.