May 9 2017
The Master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi collaborates once again with the Loop Festival in Barcelona.

The international festival of reference of the moving image, LOOP Barcelona, ​​held from 18 to 27 May its 15th edition with a program which this year pays tribute to the pioneers of video art.

Once again, the Master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi collaborates with the festival, with the teacher as master and pupil Victoria Sacco Vierya Maria Victoria, who is making practices. The Master’s students also receive credentials to access the activities.



Loop Barcelona is a special meeting that unfolds into three main sections: the Fair is a selection of films and videos by contemporary artists presented by international galleries a unique experience; Festival, a series of proposals related to the creation of the moving image in the form of exhibitions, screenings and live in the city; Studies and a series of lectures, workshops and professional meetings that promote recognition and value to video art.

Through a wide range of activities including exhibitions, installations, films, performances and conferences, among others, the festival gets bigger forgotten works because of the rapid evolution of this format for playing video production today. This year, in addition, the program extends and reaches new spaces in and around Barcelona, ​​including some very unique Cinema Avenue of Light, in the basement of the street Pelayo and Parking Ortigosa.
The Loop monographs devoted to key figures such as artist Andy Warhol --amb a set of 60 covers he did between 1949 and 1987 and cross the popular music of the second half of the century XX--, video artist Martha Rosler, the pioneer Tony Oursler multimedia art, Antoni Miralda --conegut for its large instal·lacions-- and photographer and composer Robert Cahen.


You can check the festival program through this link