18th, 19th, 20th, June
The Master in Digital Art Curator by ESDI and ZZZINC scheduled a seminar about BIG BANG DATA

The Commissioner of Official Master in Digital Art by ESDi and ZZZINC platform scheduled for 18, 19 and 20 June, a seminar entitled: "The culture of data", which revolves around the exhibition of the CCCB "BIG BANG DATA". The exhibition combines art and design projects, historical documentation, prototypes of new services and technology, and interviews with experts from around the world. The exhibition also includes inside the BETA season, a space laboratory with researchers in residence.

All those interested in enrolling in the seminary is necessary to enroll in

The seminar scheduled for ESDI conjunction with ZZZINC is divided into three days of activities:

Day 18
(18.00 to 20.00) at the CCCB
Introduction and visit to the exhibition BIG BANG DATA with José Luis de Vicente, curator.
Places are limited.

Day 19 (18.30 to 20.00) in EATM (ESDI headquarters in Barcelona)
Projects and communities. With Irma Vila and Daniel Granados (ZZZINC).
From the set of activities for this Beta exposure station, there will be a tour of various projects that investigate and work around a new culture of data.
Talk with Oscar Marín to discuss DATAJAMS different communities working from different prisms these areas.

Day 20
(18.30 to 21.30)
Working methodologies
With Paco Gonzalez and Daniel Granados (ZZZINC).
This session will delve into how a project of this size is being developed in a context like the CCCB. They discuss the prototyping process and its realization in which he is now bang Big Data.

Talk with Andrew Belsuces mediator to Big Bang Exposure Data. Will be discussed as a significant mediator in the development of the project, its objectives and competencies figure.