September 18, 2012
The main fashion trends page of China selects ESDi to establish an agreement

This is the main page of fashion trends online in China, with more than 50,000 customers and subscribers throughout the country. This is, and they offer similar services that European companies give, such as Mudpie Click or WGSN. It is located at Shanghai but main offices are at Shenzhen. Diexun has become an essential tool for those who make decisions within the industries of fashion and consumer products. They also offer descriptions of the global market to identify key trends. In this regard, they have been particularly interested in the ESDi Color_LAB, multidisciplinary research center and color which is a member of the International Association Intercolor, and which also forms part of China with an organization that represents it. What’s more Diexun want to get in touch with ESDI, selected among the various design schools in our country also by their degree because we are really interested in the world of entrepreneurship. That is the reason for a future agreement with our center, to accommodate the trainees through an agreement with the job, developing the talents of young associates.