May 29th 2015
The link between creativity and communication culminated last ESDiNetworking course.

On Thursday May 28 was a new edition of the ESDiNetworking a meeting between students, graduates and professionals ESDi world of communication, design and other creative professions, titled "Creativity and Communication Communication Creativity.


The event was held in the auditorium of the School of Design ESDi and was attended by some seventy people interested in listening to guest speakers, creative advertising and founder of "Full Circle Karma" Hugo Olivera The comic writer Raquel Sastre and para-designer Oscar Guayabero three very different profiles but with a common thread, Creativity. The session was moderated by the communicator and designer Gina Tost.



In a very dynamic, Hugo Olivera explained that for him, "creativity is the effective way to solve a problem and make this solution different result than had so far." Currently, the emergence of new technologies has changed the very way to create, but "human needs (food, love, live ...) remain the same. In addition, the publicist noted that "time is very limited, everything happens very quickly and the consumer has a great" buffet "of choice and should produce a very effective message if we get there."



Meanwhile, Raquel Sastre defended social networks as a very effective tool to strengthen our public image. "It is not easy to segment your audience, you have to look what is your differentiator". " Sastre is dedicated to humor, especially dark humor, and of course, has much the same way that many fans also have detractors, but the comedy stays true to herself, "If you do work, do not give up, bet your personal brand. "

Finally, Oscar Guayabero, who curated the exhibition "Design for living", showcasing design projects as a tool for social change, "creativity is to transform the reality to make it better." The theoretician believes that creativity should be empathetic and three different kinds of designs or messages communicative, creative, reagent and its own commitment to the proactive one that helps to change, to improve.


The event ended with a round of questions and then went to lunch standing contacts and exchanges among participants.