8th May 2014
The International Association of Color Intercolor meets at ESDI to decide the colors of summer 2016

With 50 years of tradition to back this year, the International Association of Color Intercolor Meets at ESDI to determine color trends for summer 2016.


With two years in advance, representatives from 15 countries Europe and Asia will meet in Sabadell specify the color ranges during  25, 26 and 27 May. Specifically, will represent the United Kingdom, France, Italy , Germany , Finland , Portugal, Switzerland , Hungary , Spain , Turkey , Korea , Japan, China and Thailand who are reunited after six months.


And in order to decide the color trend of the season, representatives of Intercolor meet twice a year at different locations of the member countries.


The Spanish representative of Intercolor is ESDiColor_Lab which is the color laboratory located at Unit Trends and Fashion School of Design ESDI. And so it is that this laboratory is committed to submit proposals for the chromatic games.


For the realization of the proposed color follows a methodology that apart from having a social basis, as a conceptual tool uses semiotics of the image and culminates with the approach ranges of color.