June 22, 2011
The innovative spirit of the students in Integrated projects subject

This is the 3rd edition of Integrated Projects in the 2nd year. Like every year, we close the cycle with a facility which present the best student work. Each group has completed four projects with individual teachers. As for installation, we chose to design a space pyramidal geometry very stable, trying to express the maturity and stability of the subject and our first premise: the interdisciplinary design. Josep Lacomba (fashion) Design teams formed by students from different backgrounds complete their work with the original creation of a "party-event." The central points of the presentation of the "idea" are: methodology, requirements and design techniques used in the project. "Concept-communication-realization" Art installation It is frequently observed in thematic exhibitions held in cultural centers, the interaction between exposure to a particular issue with an installation that addresses the issue as a metaphor. These facilities go beyond a mere formal testimony. Rescued the symbolic value of everyday objects to express, by combining several of them, a proposal to provide a new interpretation to the theme of the exhibition mentioned. Filena di Tomaso (interior) The course objective is to design an interior space of creative leisure for short stays of quality: a personal and collective recreation, something different than a simple bar, a restaurant, a cinema, a gym, a library, a bed, if not a little space as a whole and it gets to be exclusive, which stand out from the thousands of proposals offered by Barcelona. It is not necessary that the tube develops a particular activity, may also be only a journey that awakens the senses by color, shape, texture, smell and sound. Ivan Merino (product) The evolving needs of human beings every day, generating new market demands and therefore types of products and services not yet available. Against this background, "help" suggests that the student user needs to generate new product proposals. Products that focus on the latest functionality and usability, new lifestyles, new relationships between user and machine, in short, try to open the door to a more thoughtful design, sustainable, efficient and contemporary.