20th march 2014
The I.E.S. Can Planas from Barbarà del Vallès participated in a workshop at ESDI

With the aim of learning and nurture knowledge related to the design, some students of the institute Can Planas de Barbarà del Vallès visited the facilities of the School of Design ESDI .

Students had the opportunity to participate in a workshop conducted by professor of history and theory of design, Antoni Mañach and professor of the Communication and Multimedia Interactivity, Maia Creus. The workshop, which was divided into two parts, focused on an introduction to explain what design is and how it is taught ESDI and conducting a workshop.


This practice was to choose an everyday object and attribute secondary functions, modify it by designing non- intentional exceeding their functional bindings. Thus, students should think about setting physiognomic and functional objects: functions in practice, symbolic functions, aesthetic features, usability, interaction and adaptability. In short, they had to create a new object from an old artifact.