November 09, 2009
The graduated Marc Puigbó was the winner of the Broze Medal of ADI 2009 Industrial Design Awards

The aim of this competition is to give visibility to the best student projects that have ended their final thesis, Master or Degree, emphasizing on those one who excel in their conceptual contributions, the research process that they represent / innovation aspects by involving in the design field. The Marc Puigbó "who has graduated at ESDi in 2006/2007- has received the bronze medal for his Final Degree Project BOX. BOX provides a healthy and affordable option to bring home-cooked meal, and maintaining its appearance and physical properties. Cristina Bolaños -graduated in Textile Design at ESDi last year-, was selected as a finalist for her project Light Light superficies espaciales 1.0, new ways of experiencing structural integration of electroluminescent cable in tissues.