November 20 2015
The graduate Oriol Arnedo participates in Design Your Future 2015

Yesterday, Thursday 19 November took place in the Design Hub the closing ceremony of the Design Your Future 2015 a youth exchange with the aim of promoting design as a tool for social transformation, while sharing experiences and knowledge among young people from different cultures and disciplines.

The event was born in Lisbon last year and this year was held in Barcelona from 9 to 20 November under the auspices of the Collective Reverso and FAD. The exchange has connected people from 37 different countries and five different disciplines: Finland - architecture, Bosnia and Herzegovina - journalism, Poland - anthropology, Portugal - social and Spain - design. The call was open to participants from students, graduates or postgraduates in design and was one of the chosen degree in Graphic Design in ESDi Oriol Arnedo.


At the presentation held yesterday, participants explained how they worked these days, for what purposes and also presented final projects that have been carried out.

For Arnedo, this was "a very inspiring and enriching experience, which I consider the main exchange was not only professionally, but personally, I think that this has been the key to success. Share 24 hours a day together has meant leaving behind be complete strangers to create a small family community with a common language, common interests and goals and solve challenges are shared. It is still early to say, but I think it was one of the best experiences I’ve had related to the design profession. "