4th march 2014
The graduate Marta Giralt Project presents ’ Milieu ’ in the Palau Robert in the framework of the exhibitions "Barcelona Prêt -à-porter"

Aristóteles decision that virtue is the point between two middle extremos esto y querido dystrophy is what has graduated from the Fashion Design by the Higher School of Design ESDI Marta Giralt , with the collection ’ Milieu ’ . A Project that exhibits during the month of March in the fashion shop in the Palau Robert in the framework of the exhibitions " Barcelona Prêt -à-porter ."


Be one trafficking Proyecto Fin de Grado is where Lauch a collection based on scans them Pequeños details and the research of these materials, and it revolves around two Rama : the faith and of science .


On the one hand , faith entendida as Agent Las creencias more encarnizadas that are fundamentadas con el miedo a lo desconocido , fully alejadas the Assumption of Risks and none that do not support or desean a possibility cambio . Por otra parte , science, rational Movement Progresivo based on a study and the findings of empirical and Experiences of nuevas formas that routed us to Progreso .


Marta Giralt querido demonstrate an elegant way and kept them conocimientos adquiridos during your years of study at ESDI interiorizando las herramientas necesarias for Development CAPAZO be your own collection once a fuera de hacer realidad to the University and its dream .


The Higher School of Design ESDI TRABAJA for linking , since the first year , these students with the bone and Reality business sector , and that the center is being compromised with those people who dared to redesign the world for building your future, this case , the future of Marta Giralt .