March 04, 2013
The Graduate Isona Ten presents his project "Shira" in a talk at ESDi

Isona Ten is defined as a dynamic, restless, demanding, consistent, flexible, and friends of friends. It is dedicated to designing jewelry and accessories for several years, both in Barcelona and England. And now starts his personal project: Shira, born of a personal dream. Fascinated by the world craft combines a personal touch and "hand made" with the dissemination of your project using the new technologies. In user can discover the conceptual and creative universe Isona Ten, and buy some of his creations. The designer enjoys experimenting with materials such as plastics, leathers and fabrics, both in the design and techniques for processing and manufacturing. For those who want to meet her in person and learn more about your project you can do this week in the lecture to be given on Thursday, March 7, at 16.00 in the auditorium of ESDi.