July 2nd 2015
The game "Mind: Path to Talamus" by Carlos Coronado graduate succeed in the VIII National Awards for Video Game Industry

Carlos Coronado, graduated in ESDi Design specializing in audiovisual, can be happy and satisfied with the work done. He is the founder of the company Mind Dev Team and the lead developer of the video game "Mind: Path to Talamus" the big winner in the latest edition of the National Awards for the video game industry. Awards, organized by the Spanish Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences in collaboration with Gamelab, are the greatest existing recognition to companies and professionals in the video games industry in Spain.


carlos coronado prize

(fotografia @gamelab)

"Mind: Path to Talamus" won five of the six awards for which it was nominated, including best game of the season. And besides, he has added the press prize. Recognition to the efforts and good work.