December 13, 2012
The Foundation for ESDi, FUNDIT, and Economic Development of Sabadell SL sign an agreement to promote entrepreneurship

Both institutions agree with this agreement, to promote entrepreneurship with the derivation of potential entrepreneurial projects identified by the School of Design ESDi, and the resulting technical support and training support; include projects identified among potential candidates for a space in the municipal business center accommodation, sharing with teachers and tutors of collaborative experiences ESDI University / Company, collaborate on projects promoting entrepreneurship and business competitiveness and explore the possibility of joint actions and execute them. In addition, each project or program of action that will jointly develop a specific agreement to regulate it. The first act of collaboration between the two parties is the event "Welcome to the Market" which will be this Friday, December 14, from 16.00 to 21.00, in the central market square of Sabadell. The initiative came from the hand of the students of the University Official Degree in Design, Sandra Jimenez and Judith Colon (HEADHUNTER) as a project within the subject "Company 1". This is a public exhibition of the creations of students in order to give them a chance so they can contact potential customers. The subject "Company I" intended that students develop a business project in a period of four months, including definition and creation of the product / service and search for the first customers. The course seeks students to achieve knowledge of marketing management, customer management, evaluation of product interest and sales planning for the development of new business initiatives.