September 14, 2015
The former student of the Master in Digital Art Curator of ESDi, Marta Costa Planas, presents the exhibition "Vis-a-Vis"

From the book "Correspondence Commercial Practice" (1931), Alfonso Castaño, Marta Planas Costa rediscovers the artificial vocabulary that is behind the format of trading cards. The viewer judges from the temporal distance, watching as the epistolary relationship between sender and receiver comes disguised and full of formal and pompous nuances that go beyond the linguistic register in excess should have this type of correspondence.

The young designer, who signed with the evocative name of Marta de los Pájaros, turns 11 of these letters full of stereotyped formulas in amazing collages that reinterpret correspondence from contemporaneity.



Postgraduate in Digital Art Curator of ESDi (2013) and in Design and Production of Spaces, Costa Planas has a degree in Humanities, specializing in History and Theory of Art. The interdisciplinary nature of the training has led to work in various national and international cultural institutions and has curated three exhibitions in cultural centers and art galleries of Barcelona.

"Vis a vis" can be seen until September 17 in the gallery Moraima (Calle de la Virgen, 1, Barcelona).