May 19th 2015
The fashion show Pedralbes honors the design group ’Memphis’ 80

Humor, irony and expressiveness. The fashion show of the 1st grade students of Fashion at ESDi, to be held on June 4 in Pedralbes Centre, as usual, wants to reset the Memphis Group as an engine of inspiration.

Memphis, known for its radical nature, challenged the rules of functionalism and what is known as "good taste" modern, fleeing the standards and revaluing the symbolic functions of objects. An elaborate collection of denim fabric where each of the looks presented is based on a creation of this group, showing the personal reinterpretation that each student has done on his works.

The Fashion Show Prom in Pedralbes is already a must in ESDi, and a luxury chance to admire the progress that students in 1st year of Design have done in the fashion itinerary. The students themselves are responsible for organizing the parade with all that that implies: finding sponsors and partners who support the event, making the design of the invitation and flyers to spread, look for models, propose makeup, hairdressing, accessories, and so on. The project is part of the course "Introduction to Projects".

In addition a further year the event will be accompanied by a new edition of ESDimarket products design students and graduates of ESDi.