May 26 2017
The ESDiColor_Lab features Starting Shot, its color trend for spring / summer 2019.

"Starting Shot" is the title of the trend that the color trend lab ESDiColor_Lab has developed for the spring / summer 2019 season and was presented yesterday at the bi-annual Intercolor Congress held in Thailand.

This color card is based on the growing social tendency of the practice of sport in Spain, as a new form of leisure, an awareness of the benefits of physical exercise in relation to improving health; And the need to improve conditions and physical appearance

As detected by the ESDiColor_Lab, Spaniards prefer to perform a sport outdoors and on their own, making public space an element of interaction between individuals and exchange of experiences.

Keep going
We practice sports because it is a key element of personal motivation and improvement that allows us to feel better, more relaxed and rejuvenate. In this sense, appearance and physical well-being lead to activities that integrate interaction, empathy and leisure. This letter starts from this optimistic principle and proposes relaxation, health, nature and proximity from the conception of fruity, organic and natural tones, in which there are no pure colors. These are digested tones that invite us to consider the "previous life of that color", in which four neutral colors coexist with four pure nuances.



Playing Field
The city becomes the perfect setting in which sport makes sense as an interactive activity. Thus, the urban environment can be interpreted as a space of social connection in which we understand the open-air life as synonymous with freedom. In addition, this context offers us a certain level of "social welfare", which places us in an environment where architecture interacts with the human in movement. In which our daily activity is invaded by those who play sports and flood us with their imprint: empathy, health, effort, complicity and even competitiveness.
This letter is characterized by the light that gives off, and which reminds us of the daylight of the city, full of harmony of contrasts in which we play with the dual order of colors and give value to the contrast of complementary. Glowing tones, almost fluorine in which that luminosity is imprinted that brings us closer to the metaphorical concept of "lighting the day".

Squeezing into
Doing sport requires a previous physical preparation that goes through the need to feel, at the same time, "tone" with the circumstances of our activity. That is why this letter focuses on narcissism as a concept, a way of liking that implies "clothing" in the sports garments that allow us to be well and feel good. In this sense, we play with two terms: technology and skin. These are the elements that define the new sports being, which we represent in our letter with very sweet colors, very soft, reminiscent of childhood. However, this type of tones is suddenly flooded with colors that embody the technological, innovation, a new way of interpreting man.



Time out
Walking thinking, thinking walking. This is the premise from which we start in this trend. In it we interpret sport as a way of escape, as a necessary activity that helps us to break with the tunnel effect of our daily activities and that offers us the ability to dissolve or minimize the effects of daily stress. We think as we walk and when we do we minimize the outcome of the concerns. That is why this letter evokes the mystery and mysticism of the inner life of each individual. It is a proposal in which predominates the rhizomatic concept transferred to the color: light tones, coexist with dark tones; Mates with bright. A letter full of contrasts that are also represented in the textures.

The ESDiColor_Lab is made up of ESDi teachers, Dr. Encarna Ruiz, Miguel Ruiz and Anna Armentano, and students Rosa Cano, Inés Herranz, Elixabet Perdiguero and Anna Salvador.
He is the Spanish representative in the Intercolor organization, formed by the main associations and institutions of fashion and textile of countries like Great Britain, France, Italy, China, Finland, Japan or the United States, to define a tendency on a global scale that contemplates specific sociocultural Of each territory.