October 19, 2012
The ESDi teacher, Eduardo Huerta, got the Doctor degree from UPC

The thesis of Eduardo Huerta, teacher and researcher at the ESDi Department of Design proposes an incremental design method that attempts to streamline the process and development of Internet-based services, specifically in the fields of health, education and knowledge management. This method has been designed and tested in different research projects in e-health and e-learning in the different institutions who participated Catalan R & D + i. The conclusions of the work, Huerta emphasizes the need for collaborative research spaces where design takes a key role through its links with innovation and value creation in the products and services it develops. The teacher also stressed the urgency of generating specific language design. In conclusion, Huerta, highlights the importance of design, along with technology, such as quality-improving elements of life for people. Eduardo Huerta submitted his thesis: "Incremental Design of e-services, Theoretical study, proposed methodology and case studies", in the Faculty of Engineering of the UPC where he studied with excellence Doctoral Programme multimedia engineering.