June 13th 2013
The ESDi students, Lidia Araña and Ingrid Company, finalists of the Nancy with the Fashion 45th Anniversary contest

The students of 3rd year of ESDi Official Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design, Lidia Araña and Ingrid Company are among the 30 finalists who will proceed to the second phase of the contest of Famosa Nancy with the Fashion 45th Anniversary. The contest, aimed at third year students of the degree in Fashion Design, aims to design and implement a dress, open-themed, for the doll Nancy to celebrate its 45th Anniversary.

The first phase of the contest was to submit design proposals in draw format of the Nancy dress, along with a description of the materials and details. The drawings of both students have been chosen to proceed to the second phase. Therefore, Lidia and Ingrid now have to develop real custom designs, including the rationale and philosophy of design, materials and patterns, and also design artwork.

The verdict of the jury, consisting of representatives from Famosa, the Museum of Costume and ACME, will take place on June 26. The awards are divided into two categories: the first 3 winners and second 3 winners. The first will receive a 1,000 euros scholarship for the academic year 2013-14 and their designs will be exhibited at the Museum of Costume in September. The second three winners will be awarded with the participation in the exhibition.