October 23, 2009
The ESDi’s old student was the winner of the Mejor Joven Diseñador de Catalunya 2009-2010 competition

On Thursday 22th of October the competition of the Best Young Designer of Catalunya 2009-2010 was held at the Pedralbes Center . There were a competition where designers are 18 to 30 and whose trajectories was not exceeding 2 years. The parade of the final collection, among which were the 4 old students of ESDi was carried out with the collaboration of the Association ANDE. The Association of new and young designers - ANDE was created to promote the work of the new values of fashion in Spain, through fashion shows and other events, always related to the world of fashion. ANDE has 16 offices throughout the Spanish territory, in front of which there are professionals responsible for selecting the best collections of young fashion in their respective communities. The old student of ESDi also won the prize for best collection in the fourth edition of the Pasarela Mallorca last July. This is a prize of a scholarship of 4,000· aimed at training actions in the world of fashion design.