November 22, 2012
The ESDi’s implication in the project "Som Agenda 21" is presented in Casal Pere Quart de Sabadell

The audiovisual project developed by the Design School Graphic and Design Departmental in conjunction with the program ESDi School Agenda21 Sabadell City Council consists of three capsules informative: "We work the school garden", "manage water and energy" and "Re-invent the waste." The capsules contained curiosity, discovery, cooperation, respect and enthusiasm of the children of the participating centers. These pills are responsible for audiovisual give disclosure to projects that different schools have been conducted on sustainability throughout the course. With the participation of students and teachers, the videos show the work of the youngest within the project: from the delegate features green and energy saving to the control of river health, among other initiatives. The goal is to learn the smallest values ​​of respect and improving environmental quality. The presentation of the project was attended by students and teachers from nine schools sabadell and tickets sold out with a capacity of 240 beds.

Agenda 21: Treballem l’hort escolar from ESDi on Vimeo.

Agenda 21: Gestionem l’Aigua i l’energia from ESDi on Vimeo.