30th April 2014
The ESDI hosts first alumni dinner in order to celebrate his 25th birthday

The ESDI is celebrating. On the occasion of 25 years, who meet next school year 2014-15, wanted to celebrate his birthday with all those who have taken part. It is for this reason that on Tuesday April 29, the School of Design ESDI hosted thirty promotions alumni who graduated 96 years, 97, 98, 2001, 2002 and 2005 to celebrate it together.


The event was attended by the director of the school, Gloria Fernandez and Director of Funcació for ESDI (FUNDIT), Antoni Garrell, developed with a relaxed and festive atmosphere while dinner was standing in the middle of the Hall.


From the Alumni Association and the area of Community & Networking ESDI contacted the alumni to return to the stage where a few years ago they attended a race. And the ESDI think our graduates and therefore also part of this dinner organized cycles ESDiPreneus ESDiNetworking and to enhance the relationship between audience and do network.