September 16th 2013
The ESDi auditorium hosts the presentation of the 2013-2014 academic year of the Official Undergraduate Degree in Design night-time lessons

The auditorium of the Higher School of Design ESDi has hosted this September 16th the presentation of the new 2013-2014 academic year of the Degree in Design night-time lessons. Newcomers students, most veteran students and teachers have attended a ceremony presided by Mr. Antoni Garrell, General Director of the Foundation for ESDi (FUNDIT), Dr. Glòria Fernández, Director of Academic Strategic Management and Ms. Mercedes Salgado , Director of EATM (ESDi headquarters in Barcelona).

In the presentation, Mr. Antoni Garrell announced that the Rector of the Universitat Ramon Llull, Dr. Josep M. Garrell, the pro September 9, and article 19.3 E of the rules of organization and operation of the Universitat Ramon Llull appointed Dr. Gloria Fernandez as Director of ESDi in term start date on Monday September 16th.

Welcoming the new academic year, greeting the new students and those already known, Mr. Antoni Garrell told them that ’this is your school’ and encouraged the students of the Degree in Design night-time lessons to work with motivation and effort and to be large and creative.