29th February 2014
The Dr. Andrés Lucero from Nokia; the Dr. in architecture, Ricardo Devesa; and Dr. in robotics Anaïs Garrell, will participate to the 3rd edition of CIDIC, that takes place from 17 to 20 February

ESDI organize the 3rd edition of the International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia (CIDIC) from 17 to 20 February.


This year CIDIC falls under the theme ’Future Trends’ and will focus on four main areas: Smart Products, Ergonomics and spaces, values and perception and from buying to selling. To address these issues, we conducted a conference that will combine lectures, seminars and workshops given by leading figures in the industry.


The senior researcher Nokia Computer Interaction Research in Finland, Dr. Andrés Lucero; the product designer, Diego Ramos; the Dr. and arquitect specialist in natural spaces, Ricardo Devesa; responsible Workshop Food Design, Pep Pujol and Ivan Merino, the Dr. in automation, robotics and vision, Anaïs Garrell; the architect specialist in urban design, Enric Peric; or architect Marc de Rooij, among others, are some of those responsible for promoting reflection and debate on present trends and the future of design and innovation.

Attendance to this Congress, by students, may represent the recognition of one or two elective credits. Although about this validation should be addressed to Academic Secretariat.


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