December 2 2015
The designer and professor at ESDi Joan Sanchez presents app-doc VerticalHorizontal

Vertical Horizontal is a documentary format of application for mobile devices, with the goal to inform, especially the young people, the current situation of HIV and help reduce the stigma that accompanies the diagnosis. The application was launched on November 30, the eve of World Day of fight against AIDS.

Produced by Factual Films and  Relabtive with Albert Kuhn as a project manager and Joan Sànchez, designer of the application and Carlos Narro, technological codirector and graduated in Design in ESDi, this project is a private initiative of the psychologist Maria Jose Ferrer doctor with over 25 years experience in HIV Unit of the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol (Can Ruti) after observing an increase in the spread of the virus among young people between 18 and 30 years.




The application is free, can be found via the website and can be downloaded from Android and iOS operating systems. When the user chooses between a number of questions, the answer receives a video about 2-3 minutes, after which questions are more select. "It creates an interactive narrative that is adapted according to the interests of each user," said artistic director John Sanchez in an article in La Vanguardia. The screening can last between 6 and 10 minutes, after which you can start again. This will navigate the more than 300 minutes of recordings and feature updates and new content in the coming months.
The project aims to provide first-hand answers to all the questions that may arise about HIV because tomorrow react if you know your partner, friend or family member tells you gave positive analysis.


Joan Sanchez graduated in Electronic Art and Digital Design (ESDI), Graphic Design (URL) and posgraduat in Digital Cinema and Interactive Video (UPF). Co-founder and freelance designer in the creative collective Relabtive, he does research and development projects related to new media, technology, narrative and software. Also, is ESDi research professor and member of the research group Tadd (Theory, Analysis of Design and Development) (2012-2015).