10 July, 2015
The Degree Show "Basicutopia" features 19 collections full of creativity in the hall of ESDi, on the 25th anniversary of the center

Family, friends and fashion companies regarding last night enjoyed the best ESDi young talent. 19 senior students staged their Final Degree Projects: collections worked during the academic year that demonstrated, with concept, fabrics, textures and colors, creative and conceptual potential of the new generation of designers. Dra. Glória Fernandez, ESDi Director, gave the kick-off, welcoming the audience in a special Degree, the first to be made in the School, set in the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of ESDi.

Next, Ms. Anna Trias, Head of Service Community&International Networking of ESDi and host of the event presented the promotion of Degree in Design, mention trendy 2015. A promotion of 36 students of whom 20 (the number of projects that parading plus a conceptual project without collection of another student) had presented the collection in July. So, one after another, looks by the different students caught the attention of the approximately 300 attending the event.


degree-basicutopia 8


Laura Albertí presented “Morph” collection; Carla Pallarés “ID-entify”; Ana María Martínez “Tribal Essence”; Mireia Salvia “Vasau”; Amelia Serrano “SUCKed”; Anna Ortiz “El malestar que no tiene nombre”; Jaione Maguregui “Poder y Control”; Silvia Carreras “Alma”; Laura Fernández “delante de la cara”; Anna Trías “Ylo”; Marta Masiá “A Contraluz”, Nuria Bosch “La elegancia hecha persona, Audrey Hepburn”; Irene Robirosa “Enfosquint la teva pell blanca”; Paula Plaza  "不死鳥" ; Roser Oliete “STUDDED”; Silvia Arenas “Suzy Bishop”; Marta Marsà “WARNING, BEING WILD”; Ingrid Pastor “Mónada” and Enric Martí “The Worship”.


degree-basicutopia 9


After seeing the collections, Mr. Antoni Garrell, General Director of the Foundation for ESDi (FUNDIT) wanted to go on stage in all designers and designer promotion to congratulate and encourage them to "not be afraid and take a risk" in their projects. Then he turn the floor over to the President of the Foundation of textil Design, Mr. Josep Bombardó who was responsible for giving the awards for best staging, by Anna Trias and his YLO project, which did climb to the catwalk to a dancer; and the best collection by the student Enric Martí, who also won the award for Best Emerging Designer in Modafad Barcelona.


degree-basicutopia 10

degree-basicutopia 11


The event ended with a glass of cava standing at the entrance of ESDi.