November 09, 2011
The Day of textile innovation becomes a success

The Conference stressed the impulse Catalan, both business and technology centers of innovation in fabrics. Not only that, the opportunity to the regions of Valles and Catalonia to become a cluster in the production of technical fabrics. The day was local, almost all the projects were exposed Catalan Pallars, Vallès, Manresa, Sabadell, Terrassa, Manlleu, etc.. Indirectly he instill confidence in the textile industry suffered due to Asian competition. In the morning, David Garcia of Fitex made a stroke at the evolution of the textile. Shortly before he spoke, in introducing the conference, the Deputy Mayor of Sabadell Monterrat Capdevila, who expressed support to the private Sabadell and promotion of the textile. They have a role to highlight the ecological fabric. Anna shores of the technology center Leitat discussed the use of Biofibre. Leitat and technology centers Cetemmsa-ambo-made reference to applied research. Joan Rovira Mimfil of his speech focused on biopolymers cellulose (tissue paper), the firm is a leader in Europe in the manufacture of handles for bags. Joaquim Badrinas, up, took care of metal textiles and their applications in architecture and interiors. An example of collaboration between university and company was presenting "Lilette: musical toy", a project of the Department of Unit Product Design and Interior and the Educa Borras company that gave rise to an interactive musical toy produced wool (felt and sensors). Cristina Bolaños ESDi to graduate, shared with the audience his project "Light Light": surface space 1.0 "which involves the help of a collection of fabrics with electro-luminescent wires that interact with sound. This means that tissues are illuminated with sincronitzadament sound. Sensing text, Lost Values, and Obrador was Xisqueta other projects that were presented at the conference and no less important. The event ended at 17 pm in a speech Ignacio Gonzalez, deputy director general of the ESDI and Gemma Gomez, coordinator of the school teacher, with a summary of relevant aspects of the day and a strong thank the speakers and attendees.