19th march 2014
The certificate of university language of Catalonia: The CLUC of English

The Catalan universities have agreed to provide a certificate of English is based on standards that marks the European Commission and, therefore, is in recognition of all European universities.


The purpose of this examination is to certify the English level of candidates through a unique inter exam unpublished anywhere else in the region espanyol. In fact, the test is designed so that a single test can get the B1, B2.1 or B2.2, depending on the result.
The closed aimed at students, PAS (Administrative and Services Staff) and PDI (Teaching and Research) of all Catalan universities. Also for the general public who needs proof of their level of knowledge of English and be at least 18 years.


All those who are interested in certifying their English may Registering from 12 to 23 May at the examination announcement closed English, which is in June 2014. However, there will be another announcement in November 2014 and the registration period is from 20 to 31 October.


Regarding the price of the exam, saying that is proof subsidized by 12 Catalan universities and therefore has a reduced rate for students and staff at the universities of Catalonia € 75 . For people who do not belong to the university community, the cost of this test proves is 150 € .


The examination will be held on June 20. If someone is interested, they contact or consult with  or here.