January 12, 2010
The Board of Trade, Crafts & Fashion of Catalonia begins its activity

This board is an entity that compile an organization specialized in the management of policies that promotes market, craft and fashion in Catalonia, with the aim of attend better to the specific needs of these sectors, and increase their competitiveness. The Minister for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise, Josep Huguet, presided the constitution of the general council of the new board, which also approved the composition of the executive committee. The appointment of Mr. Garrell as Board Member confirms that his task and the ones of the FUNDIT (Foundation whose he’s Director) has been excellent every day, providing business betting on the design and fashion. The Government of the Generalitat approved last September the creation of the Board of Trade, Craft and Fashion of Catalonia and the statutes that governs its activity. As part of the restructuration of COPCA and the creation of the Agency for Support of Catalan Entrepreneurship (ACC1Ó), it was found the need to create a new entity that assumes the management of policies to promote trade, crafts and fashion of Catalonia. The creation of this new board aims to meet the specific needs of these sectors with an idiosyncrasy, and an own identity in the Catalan economic industry.