September 28 2016
The auditorium of ESDi the presentation of the new academic year 2016-2017 Degree in Design.

The auditorium of the School of Design ESDi hosted September 26 the presentation of the new academic year 2016-2017 Degree in Design.
New students the first year, also advanced students and teachers attended a ceremony headed by the Director of ESDi, Dr. Gloria Fernandez and Academic Coordinator, Dr. Ines Martins.

After the presentation of the operation of the school to the students of first, the Director General of the Fundit, Mr. Antoni Garrell, encouraged young students to be part of the "social, identifying needs and providing solutions through knowledge, aptitude and attitude."



The enormous responsibility of designers is crucial for its transformative capacity, which is at the heart of the whole process of innovation, and to be a discipline that can tackle multidisciplinary activities. To realize the potential of design are therefore needed people with an innate capacity for creativity and at the same time with a solid training.
At 11 am, in front of a large audience, a graduate in Electronic Art and Design in ESDi Gina Tost gave a talk about his career and his views on the world of design and its ability to transform.



Tost, who recognize that even though she never went as a designer, this is the base that has allowed him to get where he is now. Communicator specializing in technology, video games and startups, presented the "Digital Generation" TV3 also collaborated in newspapers and websites around the world, Spain, Latin America, the United States and Japan among others. Three years ago he founded "Geenap" a promotional platform for Apps. Gina Tost is currently considered one of the TOP 100 European Founders Hundert for The Magazine and the company is recommended by Wired magazine as one of the Top 100 Startups 2015.