April 18 2017
The alumni Màrius Martínez organizes a full program of introduction to the Food Design

Graduates and Alumni Board member, Màrius Martínez is the main promoter of community self-taught, which suggests that design is part of the food from scratch, whose knowledge and skills are applied consciously during its development. But this must form the bases profiles of the two disciplines, design and gastronomy.



The program is organized in three stages:

The first stage explores the vision that a designer can have on food when developing a project of this scope and begins on Saturday April 22 with the 1st Day Food Design, totally free, where discuss projects related to the specialty of graphic design: corporate identity, packaging, photography, illustration, typography and editorial design with speakers such as Lo Siento Studio, Cocolo, estudioh, among others.

The place where the events take place is Factory 103 (103 Mallorca, Barcelona), a coworking space also managed by alumni David Pons, product designer and interior designer, founder of Micasaesdiferente.

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