7th october 2014
The alumn Alain Jaimez publishes ’Viva Us’

Jaimez Alain, an ex-student of the Multidisciplinary Integration specialty in ESDi has succeeded at what began as his Final Project: a book that compares the design done from Barcelona with the London design.

The book under the name ’Viva Us. London - Barcelona Design Defining’ talks about everything about design in these two cities. To obtain the necessary information and cover all points of view, Alain contacted professional designers from more than 21 companies from the two cities, which analyzed everything back in the process of design: trends, customer influences in the two cities with the design... they shared a co-working space for creative talent and which has permeated the work of these designers, profiles the helped define scene design.

Want to better understand the work of Alain Jaimez? This video explains exactly how this book has been.


We Live. London - Barcelona Defining Design ’can be purchased on their website