January 22, 2013
The 4th graders participate in Audiovisual Creation Workshop proposed by collaborative project ESDi-Tapies Foundation

Under RE.ACT exposure. Feminism # 2 - A performing archieve, ESDi and Tapies Foundation have developed two collaborative activities and research related to "Artistic Practices [between] gender and technology", to the ESDi teachers Maia Creus and Inés Martins. The first consisted of the projection a unique audiovisual made ​​during the investigation. And the second has been conducting a workshop for ESDI audiovisual students. Specifically the 4th year of University Official Degree in Design, specializing in audiovisual. The workshop, held in three sessions by way of introduction, development and conclusion, has revolved around some of the conceptual axes raised both exposure RE.ACT.FEMINISM # 2 and research "Art Practices [between] Gender and technologies". Students have worked and have developed specific concepts audiovisual short one minute you have presented in a final session exhibition. The activity, which is mandatory, is framed within the subjects of Theory and Criticism of New Media by Victoria Sacco and Audiovisual Projects by Eduardo Huerta. The experience has been very positive.