28th march 2014
Tea Sirbiladze , Sebas & Clim and Compeixalaigua, stars of the seventh edition of ÉSdissabte

Five designers showcase their projects , dozens of students willing to nurture their tips and a relaxed atmosphere, typical of a Saturday. So passed the seventh edition of ÉSdissabte, which took place on March 27 in the afternoon.

The guests of this seventh chapter were graduated in Fashion Design ESDI, Tea Sirbiladze the team of graphic designers and Sebas & Clim components of the study design Compeixalaigua . They take care to expose and convey the projects at hand and the opportunity to give some advice about careers that are waiting to design students .


First, Tea Sirbiladze explained his collection inspired by fabrics hospitals , which comes from personal experience . And through that line , Sirbiladze wanted to explain what the unconscious , a concept very difficult to express and define , and only those who have experienced can communicate its meaning . It is a collection based on minimalism and manages to convey an unconscious mind , abstract , undefined, peaceful , light and ephemeral.


Then Climm & Sebas told their personal and professional development in the world of design. The team of graphic designers presented their story from the beginning until today , and then showed a series of film projects based animation or motion graphics .


Finally, Compeixalaigua formed by two industrial designers showed a series of photographs illustrating projects created by them, a lamp , a utensil for steaming , part of the collection organized Lékué or branding and packaging for Chocolat Factory.