May 8th 2015
Success in the last ESDissabte of the course

On Thursday May 7 the latest edition of ESDissabte of the 2015/16 course took place in the Hall of the school of design ESDi. This encounter between design professionals and students, was born three years ago with the desire to bring the world of work students design, so that both can share experiences. This year, in addition, section Pfge, where a graduate recounts its experience in the elaboration of the final degree project has been incorporated.



On this occasion, the guest to present their Pfge was Sofía Dezaki with Type-ish, a project whose objective is to provide a different approach to the world of the lettering through the creation of a web page. Dezaki remarked the importance of the tutor in the elaboration of the project, in her case the teacher and graphic designer Jesús Moretín, "you need someone who you trust and you can convey all your questions", said the designer.



Also participated Biscuits Barcelona, Ivan Merino and Pep Pujol, that unites design and gastronomy in a bet based on 4 points: Design for food, Event Food, Food Design, and workshops.



Finally, the last guests at the event were Crowd Studio, a Studio of design and branding that has worked for large companies and events such as OFFF Barcelona and recommended that future designers develop negotiation skills to work to agencies and thus leave imprint on their works, i.e., claim your space as creative to not become simple mercenaries