June 03, 2011
Study design and combine it with your work

The career takes place in 5 years and classes are three days a week, from 19 am to 22 pm, from September to July. The academic classes taught between the proximity of Barcelona and in workshops, seminars Sabadell campus. To facilitate access to studies at night, 80 of the seats are received grants through the scholarship fund of the Foundation of Textile Design. Contact Department of University Extension Tel. (+34) 93 727 48 19 What can the Degree in Design Night? The opportunity to study a degree in design, official university degree and doing so combining work and study. Access to the profession of design expertise with solid conceptual and instrumental is intended for people over 25 from the design to improve their skills or attain official title and other professionals want to redirect his career into the world of design. Companies now have the opportunity to offer their employees training in design and make their companies more competitive. And anyone can improve their professional credentials university design. Performance level night. Official university studies are adapted to the European Higher Education Area). They have a duration of 4 academic years, with a teaching load of 240 credits are studied in 5 years. Studies involving various training activities: classes, studying and group work, workshops, tutorials and personal study and others. To facilitate the studies the student has a prior calendar of activities scheduled three days a week from 19 to 22 will be able to organize the rest according to their time availability. ESDI offers scholarships to excellent equipped to FUNDIT ence, which can cover 100% of academic costs, the award is made exclusively from the grades in their studies. As for credits or loans: it has agreements with banks to facilitate access to credit at preferential prices, and credit the honor, the loan if the profile of vocational students is very high, may be granted without but the admission of the ESDI The cost of studies night is the same as daytime studies? The study places at night, since it is not difficult to apply for grants to excellence, companies have received grants through its exports to the scholarship fund of the Foundation, which implies that if a seat is awarded the cost becomes 1 / 3 the price of the day.