14th march 2014
Students from 2nd of audiovisual presents their projects at Casal Pere Quart

To promote the ‘mongeta del ganxet’, the Foundation Miquel Agustí, who works in the recovery of the traditional variety of the vegetable, decided to get in touch with the School of Design ESDI.  The foundation asked the students from 2nd audiovisual to realize some commercial spots to show the bean from a different perspective.


In total, four groups presented their projects they have done with Professor Mireia Feliu at the  Casal Pere Quart. Some projects that have been shown, have the objective to bring the ideas of  traditionality, familiarity and proximity to others, or even sensuality.


One responsible of the Foundation Miquel Augustí, Joan Casals, along with Councilman Sustainability Council of Sabadell, Lluis Monge, congratulated the four groups for their originality and work. In addition, Casals took the opportunity to ensure that "It costs us communicate our results to society, and this is a key issue because there is a return of our work to society. We use a simplest language."


Once the projects presented, Councilman Sustainability has been commissioned to communicate the winning ad that will be used for dissemination of white kidney beans, this has been by Aura Colomer and Jan Padilla, under the title "enganxa’t" included an association of images related hooked bean as a road, the thread of a kite or a smile.