April 16, 2013
Seminar ’Life is protocol’ given by Ana Sainz, AgendaSComunes Director

The journalist and Director of the agency AgendaSComunes in Spain and Qatar, Ana Sainz, will give, the next days 22, 24 and 26 April from 19 to 22h, the seminar ’Life is protocol’ at EATM, headquarters of ESDi-Barcelona (Paseo de Gracia, 114 principal). This conference is framed within the context of the Master’s Degree in Advice of Styling, Image and Communication and is intended to train and transmit the protoco values​​, actions and proceedings in the organization of events. The protocol has become relevant when transmitting a company’s corporate image and to give a perfect image is necessary to success in the events. Therefore, Ana Sainz will analyze the success and the perfect image in the company and in institutional relations. In addition, and based on her experience in the Middle East (Qatar) she will expose the differences and similarities between the standards of the know-how in the Arab society and in the Western one. The seminar is free and open to everyone, if you want to attend you only have to confirm attendance by mail or by phone 937 457 040. Ana Sainz de la Maza Cemeli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Business and Institutional Communication. She founded the Public Relations agency and press office AgendaSComunes Spain in 2003, and inicated the expansion to Doha (Qatar) in 2012.