November 28 2016
ESDi presented in London "Filtered Life" its proposed color trends for autumn / winter 2018-2019

Dra. Encarna Ruiz and Miguel González, members of the research team ESDiColor_LAB color laboratory of the School of Design ESDi traveled to London from 23 to 25 November to participate in the Congress and Intercolor presented its proposal trends season autumn / winter 2018-2019, "Filtered Life" based on the definition of the individual in the digital environment, particularly in human behavior in social networks.

For months, the team ESDiColor_LAB - formed by Dra. Encarna Ruiz, teachers ESDi Miguel Gonzalez and Cristina Real; and students
Ines Herranz, Anna Salvador, Carla Giménez, Elisabeth Sarro and Rosa Cano - analyzed the different behaviors of the individual to the social networks.

Social networks, as the proposal suggests the ESDiColor_LAB are platforms that enhance interaction, shorten geographical distances and simplify the way people relate. But they are also a danger that can lead to desvirtualització of human relationships, as well as the generation of multiple personalities that could jeopardize the accuracy of contacts. This is leading to the creation of a new cultural behavior that worries psychologists, politicians and business.

From this social analysis, we propose four color trends that ESDi as Spanish representative of the organization Intercolor, presented in London. In addition to our school have also submitted proposals for other countries that are part of the organization (such as associations and institutions of fashion and textile countries like Britain, France, Italy, China, Finland, Japan, USA, among others. ESDi is the only school within the organization) to define a global trend that will cover socio-cultural specificities of each territory.

The four color charts collected in "Filtered Life" are:

The impatient
Refers to those citizens who feel the constant need to be connected and to receive feedback from their "followers." It comes as little saturated tones when reading color changes from dark to light colors on. This creates a split continuous dynamism that brings us to the emotional instability that characterizes it.

The exhibitionist
It defines the profile that users make their privacy in a public setting, and observable debatable. Recreated from the use of yellow and green colors, which emphasizes the central coral fluorine is, the characters of the instantaneous center of attention.

The observer
Refers to those who look without being seen. The individual who, incognito, seeks known, to explore it, analyze it On this occasion, the colors are warm, with greater presence of orange, representing the surprise, novelty.

The impostor
Is one that creates a fiction of himself to interact with their ’friends network’. This individual can develop personal relationships created on the other intermittent ambiguity and generate weak social ties in which the principle of development is the basis of the contact. The letter is risky, with various shades saturated synthetic and artificial materials, adjacent to a nude reminds us of our human side.