March 05, 2013
Sample work 4th year Graphic Design on the first floor of ESDi

What is the purpose of the work we can see in this exhibition? The aim of this work was to make the design of the graphical image, trademark or logo of a museum, art center or foundation, existing or newly created. Through a study of competition and different referents, it should conduct a briefing from the center, which is the basis for the subsequent formalization. The image resulting graph should apply to: basic stationery (letterhead, envelope, card), in the bag to the store, in the front label. Also designed a brochure explaining the center (general or specific content), an online collection of exhibition catalogs and poster store temporary exhibitions. How do you rate the result? The result has been very positive. At work we can see consistency between the formalization of brands and centers they represent. A game that unites form and content. We exhibited six works however, the level achieved, would expose others. What skills do students have been able to develop? In fact, being the last year, put into practice what they have learned throughout the race, with all subjects. What has surprised you most? I was surprised to have the desire and the general graphic quality. Being a single project, with several parties, gives the student an overview of the various phases through. Moreover, when students have had in the first course, never ceases to amaze us the memory of when they entered and the level attained as professionals. Now designers are discerning, knowledgeable, about to land in the outer universe. Watching them grow, always very excited.