28th may 2013
Rotud success in the second alumni dinner to mark the 25th anniversary

Following the events celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ESDI , 23 May took place the second alumni dinner in the school hall . So ESDI hosted thirty alumni to celebrate together , because they are the soul of the house.


The event was attended by the director of the school , Gloria Fernandez and CEO of Funcació for ESDI (founded), Antoni Garrell, developed with a relaxed and festive atmosphere while dinner was standing in the middle of the Hall.


From the Alumni Association and the area of ​​Community & Networking ESDI contacted the alumni to return to the stage where a few years ago they attended a race. And ESDI think its graduates and therefore part of these dinners are also organized cycles ESDiPreneus ESDiNetworking and to enhance the relationship between audience and thus to ’mesh’.