March 11 2016
Roc Miranda’s project, finalist of an ADI Award

The project Plow 2.7 of graduate in Product Design Roc Miranda is a finalist in the 2016 ADI Medal aimed at young professionals from industrial design to submit the final projects, master’s or postgraduate.

Plow 2.7 is a project that arises from the idea of rethinking security around the resort, especially in the ski and free-ride. Two extreme sports, where the practice comes face to face with the hostility of nature and its storms.

The main hypothesis of the project is that through a more symmetrical physical labor to dig a victim of an avalanche rescue optimitzaràs time and own physical exhaustion of the individual.
Plow 2.7 is the first foreign rescue shovel while protected from possible injuries also protects the different elements that bring in the backpack.