September 21, 2012
Research grant from the Research Project PEP (Farmer - School - Farmer)

Indicis Foundation and ESDi’s Product Department School of Design ESDi give a research grant associated with the research project PEP (Farmer-School-Farmer). The PEP project, founded by grants "Educating Eating" the Jaume Casademont Foundation aims to encourage healthy eating among school children through knowledge of culture and local agricultural consumption of local products. The scholarship requirements to be taking is been studying Design Product Graphic or Multidisciplinary ESDI, or have completed design studies in any of these three specialties. Also, they have an interest in projects related to agriculture and school gardens. 4 hours a week, from October 2012 to February 2013 is equipped with $400. If you’re interested in it you should send an application and an email to The deadline for ending up on October 4.