January 24, 2013
Representation of ESDi graduates to the 080 Barcelona Fashion

On the catwalk of 080 Barcelona Fashion will be visible creations by ESDi-EATM graduates, Justicia Ruano designer, and the designer and ESDi teacher, Josep Abril. The parade also will see designers like Custo Dalmau in addition to the presence of 27 brands such as Mango, Desigual, Yerse, Javier Simorra or Miriam Ponsa. Apart from the presence on the runway, several ESDi graduates participate in the meeting with their presence at will pop stores of the 080: a-couple, Colmillo de morsa, El Suso, Elena Gallego and Pinc by Ana Tichy. And, graduates of Somavilla Selim and a-couple made ​​the Scorpion and Yerse brand styling respectively. Moreover, the students of 3rd year University Official Grade Design specializing in Fashion, Mireia Playa and Miriam Ferré are finalists in the third edition of the 080 Design Contest, where you select an item to wear the neck, which will go on sale from the next edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, in July. The novelty of this eleventh 080 Barcelona Fashion is the inclusion of the first edition of the Barcelona Fashion Summit, a conference promoted by the Consortium of Trade, Craft and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM), and by the publishing group This is a convention composed of professionals and business managers of national and international fashion, which this year will be held under the title "Fashion 2020: horizons in the retail fashion," and that year after year deal with issues related to and the present situation fashion.