December 03, 2012
Representation ESDi students in the short film competition from Novartis

The contest, organized by Novartis, wanted a short film about 30 seconds that would seek to increase social awareness in relation to diabetes type 2 and also dispel myths surrounding this disease. To participate was necesary to have creativity and to choose one of the messages that the company proposed in its website. The winning short, by choosing the jury, will be awarded 6.000 euros and the 4 crowd favorites (voting is open until December 12) will receive 1.000 euros each. Among the participants, more than 200, there are Núria Zapata, ESDi’s graduate with the video "A doctor of the old school," the third audiovisual student Dani Ferràndiz with "diabetic pyramid" "diabetic pyramid", Silvia Philbrick with "NO a los mitos y miedos. SI a la acción", and the 4 course audiovisual student Marc Calvet with "Eating healthy and steel, exercise is a good start." On December 17th the winners will be announced. Good luck to the participants ESDi students.