July 27th 2015
Renewed the agreement of collaboration between the School of Design ESDi and the city of Sabadell

Gathered today at 12 noon at the Sabadell City Council, the Deputy Mayor of Territory and Sustainability, Mr. Maties Serracant and the Director General of the Fund, Mr. Antoni Garrell have renewed the agreement for co-operation between School of Design ESDi and the city of Sabadell to continue jointly developing local sustainability projects applying ecodesign criteria and new tools for environmental communication.

So, for the next course 2015-2016 ESDi and the city put on the table a series of activities to be undertaken by students of Design Degree in various fields and subjects: designing audiovisual capsules that work topics of sustainability energy projects that promote social design in either products or areas and participation Acoustics Congress (to be held on 2016 in the city) with graphic design, and the contribution of soundscapes other ephemeral.



As highlighted Mr. Antoni Garrell, "design guarantees economic and social progress and ESDI is seriously involved with the city, our territory." This co-operation seeks, ultimately, implementation of projects to raise awareness about sustainability and solidarity "in order to grow the knowledge and share it."
For his part, Mr. Maties Serracant said that "it is the will of the City Council enhance co-operation with ESDi beyond the area of ​​Sustainability projects for collective interest group and strategic to the city" and gave as example the next school participation in the festival poster design "30 nights".

In the framework of this agreement, which was first signed in 2011, ESDi has developed several projects such as the Agenda 21 promotional spots, the redesign of the corporate brand of the Museums of the city or the promotion of white kidney beans to restore traditional variety of this vegetable, in addition to developing proposals for the improvement of open spaces in the city, or work associated with the use of existing natural resources in the river Ripoll such as cane American