November 16 2015
Released new issue of the magazine Issuu

Magazine design issues published by the School of Design ESDI has published its latest ISSUE, the #43.

With the commitment of "design world," as noted by the Director General of the FUNDIT, Mr. Antoni Garrell in the prologue, ESDi has started a new school year with renewed: have painted all the features and facilities, has enabled a new Mac computer lab, as well as a new place for students. Improvements to collect at ISSUE, which also mentions the official start of the course, where the sports psychologist Pep Marí gave our students the keys to be the best we what we do and we love and above all as "learning champions."

If you read on, you know the students who received awards during the last quarter of the year 2014-2016 as GGModa Prize, the Laus or MODAFAD,  and meet future projects of graduates Albert Gil and Raül Garcia.

The BET Barcelona will present their new collection of handbags and know what makes a graduate Elisabeth Buxeda in Australia.

Summer holidays were very fruitful for members of ESDiTV  René Ferrero And Anaïs Llàcer, who participated in the Festival Cinemadamare in Italy or the teacher Dolors Giró and the student Natalia Barros, who traveled to Africa with Route Artlantique an academic project of social design.

To learn more, look for an ISSUE copy of the exhibitor located at the entrance of ESDi or please see the online version on the web.